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“#TrixStylez” is the new album by female reggae artist TriXstar. For her 10 years stage anniversary, this album is a collection of her best singles and some formerly unreleased songs, to make them available on CD. The album reflects TriXstar’s musical and stylistic diversity. From classic reggae songs like “Beautiful Day” and rock steady anthems like “Love Nuh Easy” to dancehall tracks like “New Era” you can find all shades of Jamaican popular music genres on this album. Additionally you can hear electronic and hiphop vibes on “Fly Skit” (HipHop), “Good Over Evil” (Moombahton), Beautiful Day Remix (Dubstep) and the other remixes. Guest artists Skarra Mucci and Perfect Giddimani complement this diversity.

Even if TriXstar’s lyrics are about “seeking and finding love” on the first sight, there’s much more to it when looking behind. Bob Marley sang “free yourself from mental slavery” and reminded the Jamaicans of African descent to be proud about their culture and the color of their skin and that they don’t have to bow down to society. TriXstar sings “rise up and shine” and talks to all those who feel humiliated, oppressed, and abused and encourages them to get rid of the shackles and grow beyond themselves. She especially addresses women, to strengthen them to escape gender-specific roles, become a strong member of the society and live to their full potential.

TriXstar’s music is catchy and touching. Her songs often invite to dance and take the listener on a journey to a world of love, pain, happiness, and desires. Even if most of TriXstar’s songs are from the reggae and dancehall spectrum, she is not shy to leave the boundaries of the genre and go way beyond them. The core and the strength of all songs is a vulnerable soul trying to heal itself and the people around it and therefore gives strength, power, and courage.

As a woman, TriXstar had to fight for her standing in the male-dominated reggae and dancehall scene, and also her personal story was accompanied by struggle and pain. But all that only made her stronger and let’s her stand as a strong, proud woman today, ready to take over the reggae scene. After 10 years in the music business, shows all over Europe, in Jamaica, and on some of the biggest reggae festivals in the world, “#TrixStylez” marks the transition to the next phase in her career. On the one hand a chapter get’s closed with her songs finally being available on CD, bundled as a colorful musical collection of her best singles. On the other hand she is under new management and with a new team and crew, with whom she already works on a whole new performance and show.

Besides the music, TriXstar is active in the social sector, works with refugees, and stands up for women’s rights.

Singer-Songwriter and Nigerian music producer Eluozo is a passionate musician, with a unique sound & a creative mind.  His mission is to create music that is both fun & intuitive. Eluozo is now working with Indie Label and Production Company 3 Shots Productions to bring his creative and artistic talents in producing musical gems for the world to hear. He plans on doing more great music with indie production company 3 Shots Productions which will express his diversity and charismatic artistic skill as an R&B musician.  

Eluozo also studied Computer science and obtained a degree from the University of Nigeria, dabbled in Web graphics design and Programming for a few years before getting a job to work with a logistics company (Saima Logistics Nigeria Limited) and is currently pursuing his Master Degree in Computer Science.

He has just released his last smash hit entitled 'One in a million'.  Hear it during our daytime output on African FM

Lisbon producer Branko introduces the upcoming 2nd volume of the Enchufada Na Zona compilation with new single, “SDDS”.

A few days after a masterful set in the streets of Lisboa, the Enchufada founder launches new series with Enchufada Na Zona compilation, a selection of original music from himself and some of his favourite artists, as well as a series of his own edits and remixes, all created during quarantine from home studios in Lisbon, Accra, São Paulo, London or Paris. With the first single “SDDS” (short for Saudades) Branko puts forward a song more fitting to the times we live in and the physical space we get to enjoy them at home.

Alongside new music from the likes of Dengue Dengue Dengue, Studio Bros or Vanyfox, as well as his edits and remixes for artists such as Dino D’Santiago, DKVPZ or Gafacci, Branko presents a more melodic and introspective take on the always-evolving and warm-blooded rhythms of global club music, a product of every artist’s shared experience of creating and enjoying music in isolation.

Enchufada Na Zona Vol.2 is set to land on July 10 via Enchufada.

Jorja Smith’s new cover is part of Blue Note Records’ upcoming compilation Bluenote Re:imgained due out this September.

“Blue Note Reimagined” is the name of the next project launched by Blue Note. A project of covers by current artists of jazz classics and electronic music released on the legendary jazz label founded in 1939 in New York.

For the first single “Rose Rouge”, it is one of the most beautiful voices of the British R&B/soul scene that carries the song. Jorja Smith, whose debut album Lost & Found was a great success in 2018, has just taken over the hit “Rose Rouge” released in the 2000s by the “French Touch” jazz producer St-Germain.

Featuring synthesizers, saxophone, trumpet, flute, percussion, and African tama, Jorja Smith’s reinterpretation, even more jazzy than the original, invites people to get closer: “I want you to get together”. With this new invitation, she gives visibility to the piece and proves her talent to navigate between genres, whether jazz, soul or UK Garage.

Jorja Smith recently participated in the soundtrack of the latest Netflix The Eddy series and collaborated on a tour with Kali Uchis and numerous projects with Drake, Burna Boy or Kendrick Lamar. 

The Blue Note Reimagined album, due out in September, is available for pre-order here.

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