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Ibeyi and Jorja Smith become deities of destiny on new single

By Published April 04, 2022

The twin duo Ibeyi team up with British r&b and soul singer Jorja Smith in their new single and music video “Lavender & Red Roses” embodying the Greek deity trio the Moires.

After releasing the bewitching “Made of Gold”, featuring Pa Salieu, and “Sisters II Sisters”, the French-Cuban sisters continue to unveil their album Spell 31 scheduled for May 6th.

With “Lavender & Red Roses”, they offer a neo soul track carried by their captivating voices that sing in chorus. For the story, they were inspired by the Moires, three deities of destiny in Greek mythology: Clotho (“the Spinner”), Lachesis (“the Repairer”) and Atropos (“the Inflexible”). The first weaves the thread of life, the second unwinds it and the third cuts it.

We connect with open hearts, baby

But you still walk towards the dark lately

I’ve welcomed you with open arms, baby

But you still walk towards the dark lately

Lavender & Red Roses

‘Lavender & Red Roses’ is about how we all feel when we love someone who is suffering,” says Lisa-Kaindé. “A lover, a sibling, a parent, a friend… And how it triggers in us the desire to hold them in our arms, and for their pain to fade away, under a shower of lavender and red roses. But the truth is, we can’t save them. If they draw us into their darkness, we must protect ourselves and allow them to find their own strength, light and path.

As their fourth album approaches, the Ibeyi sisters continue to explore a music at the borders of folk, RnB, soul, electronic music or jazz that bridges the gap between ancestral heritage (especially from the Yoruba culture) and the present. Offering a universal style, their tour will be just as universal with the announcement of their first dates: New York (May 1), London (May 14) and Paris (May 17).


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