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Aziz Azion compares new to old generation Ugandan music industry

By Published December 01, 2021

Ugandan musician Aziz Azion has called out new generation artists, claiming that they have no love and respect for each other.

Ten years ago, Aziz Azion was one of the best RnB artists and vocalists running the Ugandan music industry. At the peak of his career, the celebrated musician had a string of artists that he worked well with.

According to Aziz Azion, there was a lot of unity between artists back then, something he says is so rare in today’s industry.

His music generation was pioneered by the Goodlyfe crew who ruled the airwaves for a couple of years alongside other talented artists like; G.N.L Zamba and Rabadaba among others.

Despite the massive talent that was in the industry, Aziz Azion maintains that they had good working relationships and always supported one another.

“Our generation had something unique and uncommon called 'One Love'. Even if an artist was shooting a video, they would call all of us to make an appearance in the visuals. We loved each other,” he said.

Aziz says all was well until the so called pillars of  the industry; Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine allegedly interfered with the peace and unity they were experiencing.

"If people are united it's hard to beat them but if you want to destroy them, separate them. And that is exactly what they did.

"This generation lacks that special feature. Yet it's a good thing to be united. Currently everyone knows they are the best. They sing just one hit song and lose all the respect they have for someone like me," Aziz Azion told Bukedde TV.

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