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To all aficionados of the American jazz diva, I Put A Spell On You and Pastel Blues are back on vinyl.

With iconic tracks such as “Feeling good,” “Strange Fruit” and “Sinnerman,” two Nina Simone albums have been remastered from the original soundtracks to the delight of her fans.

I Put A Spell On You was released in June 1965, with a song written by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins at the top of the tracklist, fuelling the album’s rise on top 40s charts. The rather ironic original version was blown away by the power of Nina’s voice in a love song supported by brass and strings.

Other notable tracks were her interpretation of Jacques Brel’s song “Ne me quitte pas,” her song “Feeling Good,” which was covered many times and “You’ve Got to Learn.”

The artist released Pastel Blues a few months later, in October 1965, which showcased her impeccable pitch and included her moving interpretation of “Strange Fruit.” Also present was her edifying  “Sinnerman,” a  gospel story she heard in church during her childhood, which she habitually  performed at the end  of each concert. This rousing cry was designed to help people confess their sins, and Nina must have played it on the organ of the church where her mother was a Methodist pastor. 

I Put A Spell On You and Pastel Blues are available on November 6 via Verve/UMe


Ugandan gospel artist Grace Nakimera has launched her latest smash single here on African FM.  Called 'Kabaka Kristo', this toe tapping song is sure to get you moving.


The 46-year-old pop star believes she's been seen as a symbol of "ladette culture" since the 90s, but in reality, Melanie actually sees herself as "quite quiet" and "really gentle".

She shared: "I had this tomboy image and I loved my football, people thought I was a bit mouthy, a bit loud, part of that ladette culture.

"And, you know, I'm really quite quiet, and I'm really gentle. That was hard for me for a few years. I found it really confusing."

Melanie underwent therapy for clinical depression in the early 2000s.

And the chart-topping singer also admits that the arrival of her 11-year-old daughter Scarlet proved to be a turning point in her life.

She told the BBC: "Being a mum was so liberating because for the first time in my adult life, it wasn't all about me.
"It made me not only realise I had a huge responsibility to her but I have a huge responsibility to myself. In being her teacher, I had to treat myself better."

Melanie has been having to teach Scarlet at home amid the coronavirus crisis, and she's confessed they've managed "the bare minimum" in recent months.

The singer explained: "I hate it. My little girl's pretty smart but she just can't be bothered. And you know, someone said quite early on in this whole thing: 'Think about how difficult it is, as an adult to motivate yourself at home - so imagine being a kid.' After that I thought, 'OK, that's good. As long as she's doing something, it's better than nothing.'


The new vengeful and farcical video “Tittle Tattle” provides a baroque sample of their third album Freedom Fables scheduled for next February.

The young English collective from Leeds is shaking up the codes of contemporary jazz through a mix of soul, jazz and afro-groove, with the addition of talented artists on their next album Freedom Fables. This musical melting pot showcases the talented Anglo-Nigerian Ego Ella May, who recently appeared on COLORSXSTUDIOS , and Ghanaian highlife legend Pat Thomas. 

In the visual for the first single from the album, soul singer Cherise Adams-Burnett once again joins the group, but this time to dethrone the master of an English country manor and take her revenge on History. It’s a fittingly comic piece worthy of a farce by Molière or Shakespeare. Here, Nubiyan Twist’s mix of eras and musical genres is not lacking in swing, with the group renewing jazz standards via neo-soul voices and Afro sounds that are perfect for the dancefloor. It’s not hard to understand the infatuation that has remained intact since the beginning for this underground clubs of Leeds, embodying the bubbling up of a music that still persists in some clubs in the English capital. 

Freedom Fables will be released on February 5, 2021 via  Strut Records

Listen to Nubiyan Twist in our playlist Songs of the Week on Spotify and Deezer.

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