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Bob Redys

in The DJs
June 06, 2018
Join Bob Redys for your time-travel session back to the good old days every Thursday at 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific.  With classic music from the 60s, 70s and 80s - it's Memory Lane including popular regular slots such as 'rate the record'.

Mixmaster Precise

in The DJs
June 06, 2018
Join Mixmaster Precise for 2 hours of Latin, Afro, House, Deep House, Techno, Classics, D'n'B, Jungle & more every Friday at 11pm UK / 6pm Eastern


in The DJs
June 06, 2018
Marty brings you great music from Africa and beyond coupled with live sessions and interviews - courtesy of CKUT in Basa Basa every Thursday at 5pm Eastern / 2pm Pacific.

Doug Paterson

in The DJs
June 06, 2018
Join Doug Paterson with a wide variety of genres and African grooves in a 2 hour show every Thursday at 3pm Eastern / midday Pacific. Doug travels the continent to bring you the widest variety of classic African tunes from the motherland - courtesy of KBCS.
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