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Britney Spears has jetted off to Hawaii for an early birthday celebration.

The 38-year-old singer and her boyfriend Sam Asghari took a private jet for "a little trip to paradise," with the Hold It Against Me star sharing a handful of snaps to her Instagram page.

"Felt like a little trip to paradise for an early birthday celebration," she captioned a photo of her and Sam in front of the plane while wearing face coverings.

Britney also posted a photo of her sitting on the jet, as well as shots of the fruit platter she made on board, alongside the caption, "I'm doing that whole work on yourself thing at the moment... PS ... I wanted to get creative."
She went on to share a couple of cute selfies of the pair when they arrived in Maui, just over two weeks ahead of her birthday on 2 December.

The vacation comes amid a turbulent year for the star, who has been fighting to have dad Jamie removed as her legal conservator. Earlier this month, she was denied a request to have her father immediately removed, despite alleging the pop superstar is "afraid" of him.

According to reports, the Piece of Me hitmaker is refusing to return to the stage until Jamie steps down from overseeing her affairs.


Burna Boy and Spotify team up for custom curation, superhero creations, and legendary features in celebration of Nigerian Independence.

Spotify attempts to deepen its ties to the Nigerian music community with a Burna Boy takeover of the Black History is Now Spotify Hub. The initiative is launched in celebration of Nigerian Independence Day (October 1st) aligned with the BHIN Hub’s mission to “to recognize and celebrate Black creators and culture all year long—not just in February”. 

This is the second time Spotify has worked with Burna Boy following a “Burna Bank” ATM installation in Brooklyn for the release of Burna Boy‘s second to last album African Giant.

The new collaboration comes on the heels of Burna boy’s latest album Twice As Tall and includes a playlist takeover of Black Superheroes which features Burna Boy’s own inspirational idols and personal predictions of the next Black music superstars. A small deck of Twice As Tall themed superhero cards were also created to top off the commemoration including Burna Boy (past, present, and future), his mother, car, and West African religious figures. Each card outlines the powers of each character and fans will have the opportunity to recreate their own Burna Cards with personal photos or videos through an exclusive Instagram AR filter.

Highlighting Burna Boy’s mother aka “The Namix” is fitting as her and Burna’s sister will co-curate Spotify’s Queen playlist to celebrate the pivotal roles women have had in shaping Burna Boy’s career.

The BHIN hub will also include The Elite 5 containing artist profiles of Burna’s five legendary music inspirations: Fela Kuti, Angelique Kidjo, Supercat, Bob Marley, Diddy) and The Giants Of Africa containing Burna’s personal curation of recent new releases and iconic albums from Nigerian icons. 

Spotify has displayed its interest in African Music since the launch of its Afro Hub in 2018 which aims “to celebrate and educate fans with the continent’s diverse music cultures.” While the platform is still only available in South Africa among Sub Saharan African nations, Spotify has made strides to diversify its offering with playlists like African Heat (Hits), Peppeh (New Releases), or Classic Afropop (Classics).  

Listen to artists like Teejay, Sauti Sol, Buju, and Koffee on Burna Boy’s Black Superheroes playlist now. 

Taylor Swift missed out on the chance to purchase the rights to her master recordings because she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement with the new boss of her old record label.

Music mogul Scooter Braun has sold off Swift's back catalogue, as part of a new deal with bosses at an investment group, for a reported $300 million (£227 million). Now Swift has admitted she tried to buy back the recordings from her first six albums.

"So, I would have to sign a document that would silence me forever before I could even have a chance to bid on my own work," she explained in a new letter to fans.

"My legal team said that this is absolutely NOT normal, and they’ve never seen an NDA like this presented unless it was to silence an assault accuser by paying them off," she went on, adding: "He (Braun) would never even quote my team a price. These master recordings were not for sale to me."

Taylor claimed she didn't even know about the sale until officials at a private equity company contacted her and suggested a partnership.

"A few weeks ago my team received a letter from a private equity company, called Shamrock Holdings, letting us know that they had bought 100% of my music, videos, and album art from Scooter Braun," Swift disclosed, noting: "This was the second time my music had been sold without my knowledge."

She continued: "The letter told me that they wanted to reach out before the sale to let me know, but that Scooter Braun had required that they make no contact with me or my team, or the deal would be off... I learned that under their terms Scooter Braun will continue to profit off my old musical catalog for many years."

Swift also shared she has begun "re-recording my older music", so she can claim back the rights, adding: "It has already proven to be both exciting and creatively fulfilling".



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