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The Sudanese-born Greek rising star offers an immersive symbiosis of contemporary pop and Mediterranean traditions.

On her single, “Pali,” the first cut from her upcoming album, Marina Satti delivers an anthem to women being able to fall in love without giving up their self-esteem and independence. Combining traditional Greek music and contemporary pop, she has  concocted visuals that are both classical and modern, between crop tops, churches and oriental dance.

Marina Satti was born in Athens to a Cretan mother and a Sudanese father. From a very young age, she engaged with various musical influences in a multicultural setting, from the Balkans to the Arab world.

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The label has announced a reissue of Mbavaira, the second album by Zimbabwean singer Ephat Mujuru and his band, Spirit of the People, who acted as witnesses to the independence struggle of their country.

Awesome Tapes From Africa is reissuing the second album by Ephat Mujuru and Spirit of the People. Mbavaira was originally released in 1983 and means “chaos” in the Shona language. On it, we hear his uncle Mude, recognized as one of the greatest singers of chimurenga, the popular style during those years of struggle.

As a traditional musician from Zimbabwe, Ephat Mujuru embodies the struggles of his generation. Born under colonial rule in Southern Rhodesia, in a village near the Mozambican border, he was raised in traditional Shona culture, with his grandfather mastering the mbira dzavadzimu, an instrument used to channel wisdom from the ancestors. Ephat Mujuru explained: “When the mbira is played, it brings the two worlds together, the world of our ancestors and the world of today.“At the age of ten, the prodigal son played the mbira for the first time during a bira, an all-night spiritual ceremony of music, dance, and connection to the ancestors. At the same time, the nuns at his Catholic school forbade him to play the instrument, which they considered a “sin against God.

Still, Ephat continued his musical exploration and became increasingly political with the formation of his first band, Chaminuka, in 1972, named after his favorite Shona ancestor. In the midst of the independence struggle, he contributed to the emergence of a new musical genre: chimurenga music, meaning “struggle” music, which honored national liberation fighters. He commented: “We were talking about our struggle to free ourselves. In ancient Africa, in the time of our ancestors, they had none of the problems we have today. We wanted the place to be like it was before colonization.” He also helped establish the National Dance Company of Zimbabwe, becoming the first African music teacher at the former College of Music in the country.

Awesome Tapes from Africa has released “Mudande,” a cut from the album, which transports us into a deeply melancholic atmosphere before transforming itself into joyful and nostalgic colors. The song means “in Dande,” a region in northern Zimbabwe known for its strong attachment to tradition. Mbavaira is one of the last chimurenga works from Ephat Mujuru, who later moved on to other genres, especially after his travels to the UK and the US. He remembers: “People were surprised. They said: ‘Are you not going to play your mbira the way you did before?’ I said, I haven’t changed anything. It’s like me learning Shona and English, or French or Japanese. It’s adding to the knowledge. The old one doesn’t go away. When you buy a new jacket, you don’t throw the old one away.

Mujuru died in 2001 following a heart attack, after landing at London-Heathrow airport, en route to teach and perform in the United States. During his life he was fond of reminding students: “Mbira is like a sea. It’s not a small river. You are getting into the big sea. So I try to show them the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, the Atlantic. What I’m trying to bring now to this music, through all the experiences I’ve had, is unity.”

Pre-order Mbavaira by August 27, via Awesome Tapes from Africa.

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Calling all musicians

in News
June 07, 2018

So you're an emerging or established musician....or a band looking for exposure to a wider audience. You've hit the jackpot!  African FM welcomes submissions from cutting edge, emerging and established artists looking to get their new songs out to a global audience. We have supported a number of great artists on their journey to musical stardom! We airplay the very best in World Music. So...what are you waiting for?

If you have a song, an album, a bio, or news about an upcoming release or tour, then send to us here at African FM today! We'll consider your song(s) for airplay on our station to thousands of listeners all over the globe. We'll also consider highlighting your album release or tour on our main webpage for free!

Simply email us your songs to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively use a free file transfer service such as www.wetransfer.com


Remember that by uploading your music - you are confirming -

The Band, Artist, Recording Company or Copyright Holder(s) of the submitted material ("Copyright Owner") hereby grants African FM and its licensees and assigns (www.african.fm - "African FM" ) the following authorisations:

1. Copyright Owner hereby expressly grants to African.fm a non-exclusive worldwide license to digitally transmit, on a non-interactive basis, the sound/video recordings, and the musical composition(s) embodied therein, as specified in this Broadcast Release Agreement.

2. Copyright Owner hereby expressly grants to African.fm a non-exclusive worldwide license to digitally transmit, as part of an non-interactive, non-subscription music program or channel, selections from the sound/video recordings, and the musical compositions embodied therein, specified in this Broadcast Release Agreement.

3. Neither African.fm nor the Copyright Owner shall pay to the other any compensation with respect to the transmissions and reproductions authorised herein. 

4. This agreement waives rights to pay Airplay royalties, performance royalties, sound recording licenses, mechanical rights licenses on a complete and totally nonexclusive basis.

5. Copyright Owner represents and warrants to African.fm: (a) that the Copyright Owner has the right to authorise African.fm to reproduce, publicly perform the listed sound recordings and the musical compositions embodied therein; (b) that the Copyright Owner has the right and authority to license all rights granted herein, including, but not limited to, copyright and trademark rights'; performance rights and sound recording rights; (c) that the respondant has been authorised to execute this Broadcast Release Agreement on behalf of the Copyright Owner.

6. Copyright Owner hereby agrees to indemnify and hold African.fm, its officers, directors, employees, agents and assigns, harmless from any fees, penalties, liabilities, claims, losses or damages (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by African.fm as a result of African.fm's transmission, retransmission and/or distribution of the sound recordings and/or musical compositions embodied therein which are identified above in accordance with the terms of this Broadcast Release Agreement or as a result of all other rights granted to African.fm in connection with such sound recordings, musical compositions, trademarks and other intellectual property in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

7. Copyright Owner further grants African.fm a worldwide, non-exclusive royalty-free license right to use, transmit and display, in connection with the transmissions authorized herein, the name of the sound recording and the musical compositions embodied therein, the composers, the performers, and, if provided by or on behalf of the Copyright Owner, the logo of the performers, biographical information, album graphics and photographs of the performers.

8. The authorisation granted pursuant to this Broadcast Release Agreement may be revoked at any time by the Copyright Owner, provided that the parties agree that such revocation shall become effective only ten (10) days after written notice of such revocation is received by African.fm

9. This Authorisation will be governed in accordance with the internal substantive laws of the United Kingdom, without regard to its conflicts of law principles.

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