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Maandy Releases ‘Frisky’ Album

By Published November 10, 2021

Maandy Kabaya has released a new album dubbed ‘Frisky. ‘Frisky’ comes after the rapper’s hit album Kabaya released in 2019. 

Maandy’s bad girl attitude shines through every track as she delivers punch lines and cleverly constructed lyrics that show her mastery of riding beats cooked up by a variety of celebrated producers including new age hit-maker Jegede, and the classic heavy hitters, Ogopa DJs.

Through carefully created and curated lyrics, Maandy expertly weaves traditional hip hop themes of partying and the pursuit of a good time with undertones of women empowerment. Singer-songwriter, Fena Gitu joins Kabaya for the sixth track, Bad Gal Anthem, a rallying call for women to take back the power in whatever conversations they may be in.

“This album was really challenging to make because I had to reach into corners that I didn’t know I could get to so that I could tell my truth. Although it’s inspired by the world around me and everything that I see every day, it also feels like I was baring a little more of myself to the world,” Maandy said about ‘Frisky’.

“But it was also a very fun album to make that has quite a few tracks that start and keep the party going,” she adds referring to songs such as Sirudi Home Refix which features previous collaborator, Breeder LW, and Krispah Ndovu Kuu.

The song, which tells the story of a girl who chooses to see the silver lining in the cloud of losing her house key, and lets the party go on, has already garnered more than 1.2 million views on YouTube.

Shash Na Lipgloss has been making waves in the club scene, teasing the meagre contents of the purse of the typical Kenyan party girl who is always up for a good time because in Maandy’s words, “Form imeweza, link up!”

For Maandy, ‘Frisky’ marks a whole new level of growth and evolution from her earliest days writing for herself and by herself. It exposes a deeper appreciation of the Kenyan music scene and a subversion of the narratives that are often used as insults to create work that speaks in a genuinely Kenyan and feminine voice.

About Maandy

Hailing from Dagoretti South in Nairobi, and standing twice as tall through her confidence and internal fortitude is Maandy aka ‘Kabaya’. Her sharp lyricism and bad girl attitude has set Maandy apart and her first album Kabaya was one of the most streamed in the country.

Maandy is definitely one of the outliers in the Kenyan music scene and has been named one of the top 10 female rappers.

Maandy has made a name for herself through working with notable producers such as Mavo, Pari, Dj Mura and Wes. Her collaborations with industry heavy weights such as Breeder LW, Fena Gitu and X-Ray from Boondocks Gang are electric and solidified her position as a rising star.



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