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African FM - the web's most popular african orientated online radio station - broadcasting to the motherland and beyond - 24/7 at www.african.fm

It all started back in the early 1990s, long before the internet was a big deal, and certainly before any form of web activity had reached the shores of West Africa. The location was Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. The idea was to bring the first privately run, commercial FM radio station to this beautiful country.
ABC FM 94 was born and was an overnight success, bringing ‘western’ style presenting and production techniques, fast paced, commercial output to over 1.5 million listeners in the western peninsula (and beyond). Training up and employment of some of Sierra Leone’s biggest broadcast names, alongside some seriously gifted new voices ensured that ABC FM 94 was at the top of its game 24/7.
In fact, so successful was this station, so popular were our programmes, so influential was our voice that when Captain Valentine Strasser launched a peaceful coup to topple the government, that instead of declaring his intentions on the government run radio station, he came to ABC FM 94 to announce to the population.
Following a vicious civil war wherein over 1.5 million Sierra Leoneans were displaced to all four corners of the world, often at short notice, the founders of ABC FM 94 decided to launch an online radio station to bring together our Sierra Leonean extended family and provide them with not only a means of communication to their loved ones spread far and wide, but also a voice to be heard and a means to stay in touch with their homeland and it’s amazing entertainment.
African FM has grown and grown since those small beginnings in the early 2000s - and now reaches out to all Africans (and friends of Africa) across the world - bringing a huge variety of programming output 24/7.  We regularly reach thousands of  listeners in over 165 different countries !  Amazing to think how this project has expanded.  We're always on the lookout for new exciting programming - so if you're a budding DJ with suitable kit at home, a computer and a good internet connection - then contact us today and we'll talk.
Don't forget that African FM is a voluntary project.  We're not some big corporate radio company.  Nope - instead we're a group of individuals giving up their valuable free time (and money) to bring this great station to you. We rely totally on the financial support of our listeners and ask that you consider a small donation to keep this amazing project growing in its mission.  Without your financial help, we can't remain on air - so please donate something today.
Thank you.

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  • Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.